About Author: Professor Brad Mapes-Martin

Professor Brad Mapes-Martin teaches political science at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. His research over the past few years has focused on testing the assumptions of deliberative democratic theory against their expected performance for different types of environmental problems. Specifically, he analyzes local, participatory institutions in Australia, Europe, and the United States with the goal of adjusting democratic theory to better capture the dynamics of environmental problems.​ Brad was raised in Charleston, South Carolina, where he was spoiled from a young age with fresh seafood and mild winters. Pursuing his seafood indulgence to the Pacific Northwest and experiencing its natural beauty, he became involved with environmental issues. Having followed his wife to Wisconsin, he worked with juvenile sex offenders in Marathon County before going on to Massachusetts for graduate school. These days he divides his time between running, mixed martial arts, and organizing the Central Wisconsin Chess Club. He relaxes by cooking, walking the dog with his family, reading on the porch, or watching artsy films.

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