It’s a Wonderful (Luxurious, Sustainable) Life!

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It-s-A-Wonderful-Life-its-a-wonderful-life-9644956-1920-1080Ah, The “Holidaze” are here. Along with time to enjoy family, practice generosity, and take a rest from the daily grind of work, these days also entail shopping, frenzy, stress, and expenses. A Different Kind of Luxury by Andy Couturier is an inspiring book about living a different kind of life indulging in nature, contemplation, art, food, conversation, and the luxury of time. Andy profiles eleven men and women reveling in extraordinary unique,  sustainable, satisfying lives. These portraits of simplicity, sincerity, and sanity offer the opportunity to contemplate what it means to be a fulfilled and joyful human being on planet earth.  In this conversation with Andy we explore how these remarkable men and women in Japan incorporated what they learned in their travels in India and the Himalayas to liberate themselves from the trap of marketplace rationality. The conviction with which they have committed themselves to lead deeply meaningful lives rivals the dedication of the greats in modern history, Aung San Suu Kyi, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, and others. A Different wonderful_life1Kind of Luxury compels us to examine our own choices closely and may even embolden some of us to galvanize a purposeful transformation to a wonderfully luxuriously simple sustainable life sourced in inner abundance.  Meri Krishna! And Merry Christmas!

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Andy Couturier
Andy Couturier is an essayist, poet, and writing teacher. He lived in Japan for four years teaching, writing, and working on environmental issues. His writing courses are offered through The Opening,

Listen to "It's a Wonderful (Luxurious, Sustainable) Life! "