Doctors Without Insurance Don’t Buy It

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The system is broken, and so is the solution!

Around and around we go! Appeal and Repeal went out on a boat, appeal fell out and who was left? The medical care system is broken, and so is the solution. What are we to do?  Medical care has become unaffordable to most people in the United States. The prevalence of private illness insurance, commonly referred to as health insurance, has contributed to the spiraling inflation of the pricing of medical care.  In an attempt to ensure access to medical care to nearly 50 million people in the United States who are not covered by illness insurance the government is proposing reforms to the health care system that would ensure that insurance companies cannot refuse coverage and simultaneously mandating that individuals buy illness insurance.  Although for those who have been denied insurance this is a huge step towards access to medical care, it also does the disservice of handing over more control of the medical care system to private profit-motivated insurance companies.  In this short clip I speak with Dr. Andrew Brandeis, a clinician in San Francisco who doesn’t believe in illness insurance, doesn’t accept illness insurance in his practice, and doesn’t buy illness insurance for himself.


Author Spotlight

Andrew Brandeis N.D.

Andrew Brandeis N.D.
Dr. Brandeis is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor at Care Practice, a mobile health and IT consultant, and Founder of the Integrative Medicine resource Medfinds. Dr. Brandeis earned his doctoral degree from Bastyr University in Seattle, WA and holds a B.S. in nutrition. He completed his residency at the Northwestern Clinic of Naturopathic Medicine in Bellingham, WA, has trained at the True North Health clinical fasting and Integrative Medicine detox center in Santa Rosa, CA and has completed the ILADS physician training program in chronic Lyme disease. Dr. Brandeis offers evidence based integrative and holistic medicine therapies with a Functional Medicine philosophy. He also doesn't buy the concept of illness insurance and as such doesn't buy it.Read Full