The 3rd Annual Toxies!

Toxic Chemicals Do Not Give You Superpowers!

The 3rd Annual Toxies Awards Ceremony, brought to you by Physicians for Social Responsibility-Los Angeles and Californians for a Healthy and Green Economy (CHANGE), puts a Hollywood spin on the life span and impact of toxic chemicals in our world.  You can watch the event live on the web on Sunday, June 24th, 2012 starting at 7:00 pm EST/4:00 pm PST.  The Toxies mix satire with toxins to educate us about the pervasive presence of these chemicals and make cleaning up our poisoned bodies and world loads of fun! The more we know about these persistent players the more able we will be to implement programs to retire them from use.  Don’t miss it!  Nei Jing Now would love to know what you learned and how you are inspired.  Please tell us your thoughts here or on our Facebook page.

Here’s the Trailer:

3rd Annual Toxies – Red Carpet Awards for Toxic Chemicals!

Here’s their website:

The Toxies


Author Spotlight

Jayshree Chander

Doctor Chander