Doctors w/o Health Insurance Too

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Pondicherry, India Feb 2006

In this short clip we continue our exploration of Doctors Without Health Insurance in the United States of America.  Dr. Aaron Blackledge runs a private practice in San Francisco.  He and his family only carry catastrophic health insurance.  This means that there is a very high deductible on the policy and thus routine health care is generally not covered in any meaningful way.  This kind of insurance only is valuable for major medical problems such as severe trauma, prolonged hospitalizations, or life threatening illnesses.  Dr. Blackledge offers us his views on the value, or lack thereof, of health insurance.  Premiums are high, often unaffordable, inconveniences frequent, paperwork abundant, and services covered few.   If you are uninsured or underinsured, or know someone who is so, or even if you are just someone who cares, feel free to comment.  And stay tuned for a few more doctors without health insurance who will be sharing their varying perspectives on the subject.


Author Spotlight

Doctor Aaron Blackledge

Doctor Aaron Blackledge
Dr. Aaron Blackledge completed the Dartmouth-Brown Medical program in 2001 and is board certified in Family Medicine. He originally trained as a modern dancer in New York and graduated from art school at Sarah Lawrence College with concentrations in both Modern Dance and Spanish in 1993. He is a leading innovator in the direct practice of medicine movement. He works with numerous technology companies in crafting innovative approaches to practice management, doctor patient communication, and patient education applications. He is a frequent speaker and panelist at conferences around the country, as well as private events highlighting innovation in health care, use of technology, and marketing through social media. He consults with several health care technology companies, venture capitalists, private equity, and sits on numerous advisory boards. He serves as a senior advisor and consultant on branding and design with Indicate Design in San Francisco working with their health care ...Read Full