Extestinal Bacteria

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Igatpuri, India, Nov 2007

Igatpuri, India, Nov 2007

The bacteria in our intestines are very similar to the bacteria in the external world.  It turns out that bacteria not only are responsible for digesting our food and all the debris of the world, they also play key roles in the functioning of our immune systems and global warming.  Dr. Eoin Brodie explains the relationship between the bacteria in our intestines and our environment.  And since our digestion and elimination is so intimately connected with our environment, Mr. Jeff Conant tells us about ecological toilets.

Is it because
I live
in a world of cement,
that my muscles behave like rocks?
Is it because
involves the grind of steel gears,
that my will stands like an iron pillar?
If I walked
on the soft earth
with my bare feet,
would my body dance
like the waves upon the rocks?
If success
was as delicate
as a lotus on a pond,
would my will
have the grace and depth
of the great ocean before me?

Episode: Guest Bios & Individual Clips

Eoin Brodie, PhD
Dr. Eoin Brodie is a microbial ecologist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab in Berkeley, California. His research interests lie in understanding the factors that control microbial communities and the functional implications of alterations in community composition. His research involves a wide range of microbial systems including surface and subsurface soils, deep subsurface environments, invertebrate guts, watersheds and contaminated aquifers, urban aerosols, and various mammalian microbiomes. To assess microbial community composition in a high-throughput and high-resolution manner he employs state-of-the-science microarray and DNA sequencing technologies and relates microbiological parameters to functional and physical properties of ecosystems using stable-isotopes, biochemical assays, geochemical/geophysical measurements and statistical modeling.

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Jeff Conant
Jeff Conant is the coordinator and lead author of the widely translated popular education manual A Community Guide to Environmental Health. He’s also an independent journalist covering issues such as water privatization, resource colonization, food sovereignty, ecological sanitation, environmental injustice, and related issues, winner of a 2010 Project Censored Award for coverage of corporate influence on the World Water Forum, and author of A Poetics of Resistance: the Revolutionary Public Relations of the Zapatista Insurgency on the cultural politics of Mexico’s Zapatista movement. He’s a Fellow of the Oakland Institute, a coordinating committee member of La Red VIDA, (the InterAmerican Network for the Defense of the Right to Water), and currently acts as Communications Director for Global Justice Ecology Project.

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