UCSF Wellness Expo 2012

Nei Jing Now had the honor and pleasure of having a presence at the UCSF Wellness Expo on 18 Jan 2012.  About 2,000 people attended the expo and hundreds of people were excited about Nei Jing Now.  People were thrilled to know about the podcast and were eager to sign up for a subscription.  The raffle winners were announced today.  We proudly gave away an ashiatsu session, a six month membership to Other Avenues Co-op Grocery, and a gift bag of body care products.

The keynote lecture, titled “Darwin, Diet, Disease, and Dollars,” was given by Robert Lustig, MD, who is known for his research on the regulation of body weight by the central nervous system.  The noontime talk, “Raising Happiness and Reducing Stress,” was given by Christine Carter, PhD, a sociologist dedicated to studying the psychology, sociology and neuroscience of well being.  We were delighted to be present with such scientists and advocates for prioritizing health and happiness.


Author Spotlight

Jayshree Chander

Doctor Chander