Understanding Nei Jing Now!

Nei Jing in Chinese-Cropped

Nei Jing is an inner vitality.  This vitality protects us from disease and gives us the capacity to heal from an illness.  The word comes from the Chinese language.  Nei means internal; Jing means essence.  It is what allows some of us to be exposed to a virus or a bacteria and not get ill.  If we do fall ill it determines how quickly we recover, with or without treatment.  Nei Jing permits us to withstand various kinds of physical and emotional trauma and still maintain our health and well being.  It is an inner quality that is cultivated by a variety of factors including our genetics, gestation, upbringing, family and friendships, work, creative and recreational pursuits, society, economics, and political and ecological environments.  Nei Jing is what offers us mental and physical resilience.



Lake Mendota, Madison, WI 2007

Well being describes what we feel when we are healthy, happy, and comfortable.  It includes mental, social, and financial health along with physical health.  It is what we need to cope with the normal stresses of ordinary life, to be creative and productive, and to contribute to our families, communities, and society.  It encompasses harmonious interactions not only with other people, but also with our ecological environment.  Although clinicians in various healing traditions can be of assistance in cultivating well being, well being is not available by prescription.

The World Health Organization has developed a well being index which assesses how often a person wakes up feeling refreshed and rested; feels cheerful and in good spirits; feels calm and relaxed; active and vigorous; and interested in the activities of daily living.


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