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  • The next episode of Nei Jing Now in which we discuss the relationship between the bugs in our guts and the environment.
    • The show will feature Dr. Susan Lynch, a professor at the University of California San Francisco studying the microbiology of the intestinal tract and how it impacts irritable bowel syndrome, asthma, and the functioning of the immune system.  We also speak with Dr. Lynch’s husband, Dr. Eoin Brodie, a microbial ecologist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, who does research on the microbial communities in surface and subsurface soils, deep subsurface environments, invertebrate guts, watersheds and contaminated aquifers, urban aerosols and various mammalian microbiomes.
  • Video clips of Nei Jing Now @ Work in a neighborhood near you.
  • Classes, workshops, and seminars on how to cultivate Nei Jing Now.
  • Consultation services for your home and workplace to increase Nei Jing Now.
  • The launch of the Primary Prevention Premedics Ambulance, complete with lights and sirens, staffed by the fabulous and amazing Nei Jing Now Premedics.


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