From One End to the Other

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“Straining,” Mallorca 2007

In this episode we discuss both ends of the digestive tract and discover their importance in the whole process of digestion and elimination.  Furthermore, we find out how they relate to each other.  We also hear about the French and Japanese bidets.  Doctor Gianluca Gambarini educates us about the importance of the mouth and teeth in digestion and elimination and informs us about dental services offered as part of the Italian National Health Service.  Doctor Domenico Mascagni spoke with me about the reciprocal relationship between the health of the rectum and anus and digestion and elimination.  Marc-Antoine Senechal tells us about the French bidet and Yumi Aikawa shares her perspective on the Japanese bidet.



eating up my mind
anticipating the unknown
gnawing hunger in my bones
with insatiable desire
despite fulfillment
sitting untasted
between my lips

-jaysi, 1995


Author Spotlight

The North End

Doctor Gianluca Gambarini is a professor of endodontics and restorative dentistry at Sapienza University Hospital in Rome, Italy. He is also involved with international exchange programs for dental students and professors and is Vice Dean of the Dental Hygiene School at Sapienza.Read Full
Author Spotlight

The South End

Doctor Domenico Mascagni is a general surgeon with a special focus on colorectal and oncological surgery at Sapienza University Hospital in Rome, Italy.Read Full
Author Spotlight

Ze French Bidet

Marc-Antoine Senechal was born in 1971 under a tree, born and brainwashed in Paris (not completely though). He first graduated in western classical music (piano) and fundamental physics. He got his masters degree in quantum field theory. He was born again in the highlands of Scotland. After he vanished from Europe for a few years he came back as a carpenter. Currently he teaches high rank students in physics and has a deck construction company.Read Full
Author Spotlight

The Japanese Bidet

Yumi Aikawa is a queer Japanese crab committed to cultivating love in every corner of life. Her professional interests lie in health disparities research, outreach and advocacy, particularly concerning the underserved with a focus on sexual minorities and gender-variant individuals. She currently works at a small non-profit organization managing a program to ensure quality of healthcare in California correctional and detention facilities. She plans to begin osteopathic medical training next year, and hopes to install the Japanese bidet toilet in her own home one day. She is a proud resident of Oakland, sharing a happy life with the love of her life and two cats. She is a graduate of Smith College, and holds a Master of Public Health degree from Brown University.Read Full