The Belly of the East

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How should we eat for optimum digestion and elimination?  What are gut feelings?  Ms. Jessie Holland, ayurveda and yoga practitioner, gives us some very informative guidelines on how to eat to promote good digestion and elimination.  Ms. Sangumay Ordona, acupuncturist and chi nei tsang (Taoist abdominal massage) practitioner, shares with us how the elements and emotions are related to our organs and digestion.  And the famed Mr. Salman Khan, model digester and eliminator generously shares with us his impeccable and inspirational bowel habits.

"Eastern Belly"

if one day you find
in the belly of the east
believe it
like you would the rising sun
it is no accident
the east orients
while the belly holds
a small ball of fire
and the heated beast
begs to be fed

the belly doesn’t lie
beauty lays with you
everyone sees her
through their own bewildered eyes

one day
if you find yourself
clawing to escape
cold occidental demons
for as long
as the beast remains
satiated, even if belied
only when the fire
lights your eyes
again with belief

one day
beauty will adorn
her essential belly
with your incidental being

-jaysi, 2009


Author Spotlight

Ayurvedic Guidelines

Ms. Jessie Holland is a clincal ayurvedic practitioner and a certified Iyengar yoga instructor. She teaches yoga at studios throughout the East Bay. She recently returned from studies in India with the Iyengar family and the renowned Ayurvedic physician, Dr. Vasant Lad. Jessie offers Ayurvedic consultations to explore diet and lifestyle choices for optimum health, and a variety of Ayurvedic body therapies, including abhyanga and shirodhara. She also practices shiatsu and acupressure. Jessie is eternally grateful for the teachings of all her instructors and students. For more information visit www.jessieholland.comRead Full
Author Spotlight

The Taoist Abdomen

Ms. Sangumay Ordona has been a licensed acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist for more than eight years, and a certified massage therapist for seventeen years. She is a general practitioner with a focus on pain management, women’s issues (including obstetrics), pediatrics, and emotional/mental conditions. She uses essential oils according to the principles of Chinese medicine. She specializes in Asian styles of massage, particularly Shiatsu, Thai, and Chi Nei Tsang (Applied Qi Gong Taoist abdominal massage). Sangumay has offices in San Francisco and Berkeley, California. Phone: (415) 820-3200 x 127 or e-mail: umbigo_bussolaATyahoo.comRead Full
Author Spotlight

The Model Eliminator

Salman Khan is the famed model digester and eliminator. He works as an IT professional in the San Francisco Bay Area. A transplant from the UK, he still misses Cadbury's Dairy Milk chocolate and Heinz Baked Beans. To state the obvious the beans don't provide much comfort for his existing bowel condition. He generously shares with us his impeccable and inspirational bowel habits.Read Full