Minding Our Habits

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What is the relationship between our minds and our habits?  What is the relationship between meditation and habits and addictions?  How do we pay attention to our habit patterns and live more richly for knowing them?  In this issue we talk to Baba Harihar Ramji, founder of the Sonoma Aghoreshwar Ashram, Mr. Harry and Mrs. Vivian Snyder, experienced meditators and teachers of vipassana meditation, and Ms. Birgit Böttcher, television film editor and yoga teacher about how she handles the habit patterns of her mind.

this is a test.
this is only a test
of your equanimity
the balance of your mind
and the integrity
and security
of your connection
to the world wide web
that we are.

this test will be conducted
at (very) frequent intervals
throughout your life.

the point of this test
is not to pass
but to allow it to pass.

in the event of a real emergency
these tests will require
more patience
more discipline
more acceptance
more forgiveness
more compassion
more valour
more gentleness
more grace
than you knew you had.

do not wait
for further instructions
simply add more ballast
to the keel of your mind

jaysi, 2008




Author Spotlight

The Aghor Approach

Baba Harihar Ramji established the Sonoma Ashram in 1990. Baba Hariji resides at the Ashram and spends the better part of the year there, continuing the teachings of Aghoreshwar of simple living and being a good human being. Hailing from the ancient lineage of Avadhut Siddhas of Kashi, Baba Harihar Ramji is the perfect bridge between the ancient and modern world. His teachings are deeply rooted in ancient wisdom yet practical for this day and age. He speaks a language that a person facing today’s challenges can comprehend and assimilate in his or her life. Baba says, “Spirituality is not a mystery.” It is the inherent nature of each individual to live a spiritual life. Avadhuta’s teachings are self exploratory through “shiksha,” principles of the right way to live, and “diksha,” Guru initiation. The teachings of this ancient lineage have never been so accessible to the common man before. While living in the company of his Guru, Aghoreshwar Bhagwan Ram, Baba Harihar ...Read Full
Author Spotlight

The Vipassana Approach

Mr. Harry and Mrs. Vivian Snyder have been long time students and practitioners of vipassana meditation under the guidance of their teacher S.N. Goenka. They have been teaching 10 day Vipassana courses since 1988, and have taught several 10 day courses in prisons. Mrs. Vivian Snyder is a learning disability specialist, and has a private practice in Mill Valley, California, where she does diagnostic assessments for children with learning disorders. Mr. Harry Snyder has been a member of the State Bar of California since 1963. He has a long background and experience in cy pres relief, philanthropic best practices (including grant review and recommendations) and consumer protection. He also teaches a graduate seminar in Health Policy Advocacy at University of California Berkeley School of Public Health. He started his legal career practicing business law in Los Angeles. He then was a Peace Corps Administrator in India and the Peace Corp Director in Western Samoa and then Nepal before ...Read Full
Author Spotlight

Personal Story

Ms. Birgit Böttcher has a passion for film and filmmaking. She has been an editor for television in Germany for 18 years. She really enjoys editing television documentaries about social themes. She enjoys the creativity of editing; it's like composing with pictures and sounds, creating a rhythm and a flow. Seventeen years ago, she started practicing yoga. This has become another great passion in her life. It helps her get centered again when the various distractions of life and mind arise. She says, “It's like an anchor when the sea gets rough.”Read Full