Habit Formation

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What do some kids think, feel, and know about habits and substances around the time when the foundations of habits are being formed?  “They” say it starts around 9 or 10 years of age these days.  And we just keep growing from there.

just say no?

just say yes
to breathing and wishing
and giving and living
to feeling and thinking
and dreaming and believing
to loving and laughing
and dancing and singing

yes, say no
to darkness and downward and doubting
to stingy and clinging and cringing
to nothing and never and nonsense

just stay centered
in clarity
and sincerity
in generosity
and kindness
in respect
for now and here
and the life
in between them

just stay above
the influence
of profit and motive
of status and image

say yes!
to everything within you
emotions sensations
every moment
by moment

just say
to being real

just be

jaysi, 2008


Author Spotlight

Age 9

Winston Cole Posner is a third grader at Malcolm X Elementary School in Berkeley, California. His interests include cooking, skateboarding, and video games. He lives with his brother, parents, and dog in Berkeley, California.Read Full
Author Spotlight

Age 12

Dominick Paul Mortarotti is a student at St. Theresa Catholic School in Oakland, California. He loves Manga, acting, and his 10 year old brother, Gio. He is an A+B student, has earned his first degree black belt in Kuk Sool Won, a korean martial art form, and swims breaststroke with the Montclair swim team, and has modeled in several ads for television and the web. One of his personal philosophies is “nothing is right, nothing is wrong.”Read Full
Author Spotlight

Age 16

Ishan Chaudhuri is a junior at San Rafael High School in San Rafael, California. He enjoys radio broadcasting and soccer, and all kinds of music. He is looking forward to the day he finally graduates from high school!Read Full
Author Spotlight

Age 16

Pooja Gajare attended public schools from K through 8th grade. Currently she is a junior at St. Francis High School in Mountain View, California. She is taking 5 AP classes and plays two sports, cross county and swimming. She also participates in Mock Trial competitions, enjoys photography, and is involved in the school’s literary magazine and newspaper.Read Full