Habits at Work

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What about substance abuse in trauma and violence?  How do our habits and addictions affect our work?  How do our occupations influence the development of habits?


if i were to write a poem
like rumi
i would ask you
why you are twisting
your life
into a task

i would request you
to put away
all that feels like work,
to fire the businessman,
and the politician
from the negotiations
of who and what you can love,
and how much

i would implore you
to dance and sing
with drunken abandon,
and to kiss the ground
in a thousand different ways

i would beseech you
to forget
the names of your gods
but like a laughing madman
refer to every living stone
and breathing moment
as your Beloved

jaysi, 2008



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Substance Abuse in Trauma and Violence

Doctor Kelley Bullard is a trauma surgeon and a member of the core staff of the San Francisco Injury Center and a board member for the California Transplant Donor Network. She is actively involved in teaching her clinical specialties of surgery, critical care and trauma.Read Full
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Habits at Work

Doctor Andrew Parker is a psychologist at the Employee Assistance Program at the University of California San Francisco. He is interested in stress management in residency, anger management, the stress of being laid off, and self-medication and addictions in health care professionals.Read Full
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