Habits and The Law

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What is the role of habits and addictions in crime and violence?  Does law enforcement change the culture of drugs and alcohol?  Have you ever driven intoxicated?

i am a junkie too
i need my fix
everyday, i dose
a couple of times a day,
at least
and if i don’t get it
oh, the craving
the belly cramps,
the lightheadedness,
the shaky anxiety,
and irritability
make me drop everything
in search of my next hit
it becomes the main priority
for the moment
until the need is satisfied
but soon the craving returns.
in fact, my whole life revolves
around this habit
i will do
almost any kind of work
to support my habit
i haven’t resorted
to stealing,
but, if push
came to shove
i might,
we all probably would,
for food

jaysi, 2008


Author Spotlight

The Police Perspective

Sergeant Paul Piotrowski has served on the Police Department in Stevens Point, Wisconsin for 18 years. His first seven years he was a patrol officer and then was a sergeant on the road for another 8 years. Currently he serves as a community resource officer.Read Full
Author Spotlight

The Undercover Perspective

Detective Ostrowski has served on the Sheriff Department’s drug task force in Portage County, Wisconsin for the past 5 years. Prior to that, he was in the Police Department in Stevens Point, Wisconsin for at least 4 years.Read Full
Author Spotlight

Personal Story

"Clay" is an activist born and raised in New York City now living in the Bay Area and working in landscape and construction. He is also an avid gardener.Read Full