SocioPoliticoEconomics of Habits

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What are the economic incentives and disincentives in the formation or breaking of habits?  What are the social and political factors associated with habits and addictions?  What is the relationship between concepts of masculinity and substance use?

Chicago, 2006

the way is deep
the misery immense
life is short
no time anymore
to say, not now!

jaysi, 2008


Author Spotlight

The Economics of Habits

Professor Uri Gneezy
Dr. Uri Gneezy is a professor of economics and strategy in the Rady School. His research, teaching, and consulting interests are in behavioral economics, strategy and negotiation. His work brings psychological elements into the study of economic interactions. Dr. Gneezy's main focus is on the effect of incentives on behavior of individuals and markets.Read Full
Author Spotlight

The Social Politics of Habits

Professor Mangesh Kulkarni
Dr. Mangesh Kulkarni is a reader, or associate professor, in the Department of Politics & Public Administration, University of Pune. He has been teaching political science for nearly two decades. He has a special interest in the politics of masculinity in India. He serves as International Advisory Editor of the Sage journal ‘Men and Masculinities’ published in the USA.Read Full
Author Spotlight

Personal Story

Mister Harsha Magon
Harsha Magon is a self-employed engineer and entrepreneur raised and living in Pune. He owns a small manufacturing unit for the equestrian trade. He generously shared his experiences with substance use and other addictions and the attitudes of his family and community towards them.Read Full