The Culture and Politics of Habits

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How do different cultures encourage or discourage habits and addictions?  How do politics influence which addictive substances are available and to whom?  Do you know anyone addicted to hot spiced masala chai tea?

“Hot Chai in Winter,” Karnal, India 2005

if i were you
and you were me
and the four of us sat down to tea

we sat in a circle
and you stood in a line
we waved out the window
and felt we felt fine

then you started thinking
what i had thunk
about what you had thought of me

so i hung on a ledge
and you swung on a vine
and we climbed all the trees
in order to feel taller
we passed each other
with silent tears
and flying colors


-jaysi, 1995



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Politics of What is Available to Whom

Professor Edward Miller is co-director of the Center for the Small City at the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point. He is a Eugene Katz Letters and Science Distinguished Faculty Member in the department of political science. His areas of interest are in American Politics, Legislative Process, Public Policy, State & Urban Politics, Health Policy, Research Methods, Education PolicyRead Full
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The Culture of Habits

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Akhilesh Brahmachari is a yoga practitioner and teacher. He teaches workshops in Goa, Rishikesh, different parts of Europe, and in Hong Kong.Read Full