Habits and Addictions

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What is happening in our brains and bodies as habits become addictions? What are the psychological skills involved in habits and addictions?  Are there lifestyle habits, or habits of our minds or emotions that we have become addicted to that are not serving our wellness?  Are there activities or substances that control our lives robbing us of our freedom and will?  Have we become addicted to seeking pleasure and avoiding pain?

Smoking Kills, Heathrow Airport, 2007

the craving for pleasure
is a pit of discontentment
to indulge in craving
is to sink deeper
to be oblivious
is to drown

jaysi, 2007


Author Spotlight

Physiology of Addictions

Professor Vives
Professor Vives is a professor of neurophysiology at the University of Granada, Spain. I spoke to him in his office about the physiology of the brain in habits and addictionsRead Full
Author Spotlight

Psychology of Addictions

Doctor Jose Perales
Doctor Jose Perales is an experimental psychologist and full time lecturer on the faculty of psychology and assistant professor on the faculty of physical activity and sports at the University of Granada, Spain. I spoke to him in his office about the neuropsychology of habits and addictions.Read Full
Author Spotlight

Personal Story

Ms. Vivian Samano
Vivian Samano was teaching english full time in Madrid while simultaneously doing her Master’s degree in Education when I spoke with her at her home about her experience with quitting smoking.Read Full