Work less, Play well, and Sleep more

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The last in the three part series on sleep recorded in Madrid, the city that never sleeps, we explore occupational, recreational, and parental sleep deprivation, and the restorative effects of meditation and the siesta.

Madrid, 2006

triple telltale totemz
the sinaquanons
of sleep sufficiency
wakes without alarm
from ar ee em
no startle starts
to the rat race
coffee, tea become
black, green, red, white
excessive energy
good humor gemz
enough enthusiasm
adequate attention
plenty of patience
peoplez responsibilitiez incidentz
and z imperfectionzzzzzzzzz of laif

jaysi 2007


Author Spotlight

Occupational Sleep Deprivation

Doctor T.K. Joshi
Dr. T.K. Joshi is the founder of the Center for Occupational and Environmental Health at Maulana Azad Medical College in New Delhi. He initiated the first course in Occupational Health within India in 2005. He was a member of the committee formed by the Union Ministry of Environment and Forests to develop an Environmental Health Action Plan for India in 2000. He works closely with the Central Pollution Control Board of India and is a member of several committees, including the task force on cement and asbestos industry.Read Full
Author Spotlight

Educational Sleep Deprivation

Doctor R.K. Kaushal
Doctor R.K. Kaushal is professor of pediatrics and head of the Department of Pediatrics at the Medical College in Dharamsala. He is currently teaching medical students. He taught residents at Indira Gandhi Medical College in Simla for 23 years.Read Full
Author Spotlight

Parental Sleep Deprivation

Doctor Sharon Adler
Doctor Sharon Adler is a clinical instructor at the California STD/HIV Prevention Training Center and the California Department of Health Services STD Control Branch. She holds an MD degree from Mount Sinai Medical College in New York. She did a residency in Family and Community Medicine at UCSF/SFGH and received her training in Preventive Medicine and Public Health at the Univ of Ca-Berkeley. I spoke with her when she was a new parent of a girl about one and half years old.Read Full
Author Spotlight

The Value of the Siesta

Doctor Luis Dominguez Ortega is Director of the Unidad de Medicina de Familia and is a specialist in sleep medicine at Clinica Ruber in Madrid. He studied Medicine at the University Complutense of Madrid. He studies sleep medicine at Stanford University and has a certificate in clinical hypnosis from the Spanish Society of Hypnosis. He is now also Professor at University of Madrid and Co-director of a course in sleep medicine.Read Full
Author Spotlight

Meditation and Sleep

Professor Pradumna K Sharma
Professor Pradumna K Sharma has a Ph.D. in biophysics and retired as professor of electronics and instrumentation and director of the department of telecommunications center from Pumjab University in Chandigarh. He also graduated with a degree in homeopathy and has been practicing for the past 40 years.Read Full
Author Spotlight

Recreational Sleep Deprivation I

Mister Bill Witter
Mister Bill Witter is a property owner, artist, and musician in his 50s in the San Francisco Bay Area.Read Full
Author Spotlight

Recreational Sleep Deprivation II

Ms. Vivian Samano
Ms. Vivian Samano was teaching english full time in Madrid while simultaneously doing her Master’s degree in Education.Read Full
Author Spotlight

Recreational Sleep Deprivation III

Ms. Vanessa Norton
Ms. Vanessa Norton lived in Madrid from 2002 to 2005 while she was teaching english and writing a collection of short stories. She currently is doing a Masters degree in creative writing.Read Full